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It is important to take a few considerations into account when buying lingerie for someone. Their size, style and personality. When shopping for your spouse, there is no doubt that you know recipient very well, but every man should put thought into these three little details when making this intimate gesture.

A ladies lingerie boudoir is the best place to find an indication of size if you’re getting a surprise gift (alternatively you can always ask her for her size); there may a range, so take an average. If she has mostly medium briefs, then this is what you should purchase. If you’re unable to confirm her bra size, she’ll be equally as excited with the gift of luxury nightwear.

You will be the person who sees your spouse in her lingerie the most, so next time you do, pay attention. what kind of briefs does she like, what style of bras, bralettes etc.? Maybe she’s partial to lounging in some silky lovelies. Whichever style she favors, it is advisable to choose options that are the same or similar. She will glow with confidence in lingerie or nightwear she feels comfortable in, making the purchase even more special for you both. For colors, you have to consider her skin tone and personality. Colors reflect feelings and emotions, just choose the best suited to her nature.

Our lingerie comes beautifully packaged in a custom mailer bag. However, you can opt for our packaged ribbon tie boxes, wrapped in delightful tissue paper, which will be a thrill the recipient to unravel. if you’d like a special message written from you, just email the details to us and we’ll include that in your gift for you. Simple email us at to get your order in a branded box and we’ll do our very best to guide you in your gift buying process.

E-Gift Card

Still not sure of what to buy? Order an e-gift card and send directly to their email. Gift cards are valid for 6 months and the recipient can either redeem it getting an item in our collection, or they can use it for our custom services. 

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Gift Packaging

Whether you’re getting a treat for yourself or you’re getting one for a friend or spouse, getting a gift wrapped luxury lingerie gives one of the best feelings ever. We also do discreet packaging. Just send us an email at requesting for this service and more details would be sent to you.


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